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Unable to attach bipod to MX 3GL
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I can't attach bipod to MX 3GL even though it has the rail for it.


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Weapon Stabilization
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Click and hold on a bipod attachment and try do drag it on an MX 3GL while you have it equipped in our primary weapon slot.

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The MX 3Gl has a grenade launcher at the bottom so you can't put a bipod.

I have added an image and you can clearly see a rail on the 3GL

You know , that rail is for standalone version >

also where you seen a GL that uses a bipod ?

I would totally put a bipod on mine if I needed more stability for shooting.

Pfff that rail is not made for that.

You can NOT put a bipod to grenade launchers. Just sit down and think. And just try to reload the grenade launcher and you'll see that he pushes the bottom of the launcher up to open the designated hole so he can put another grenade, now think if he had a bipod there, how would it work? Just logic.

Adam added a comment.Sep 14 2015, 8:42 AM

Not a bug.