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Setting initial player lead group combat mode via waypoint or unit's init => problem with scripting command combatMode
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If you set a player lead group's combatMode to for example "BLUE", "GREEN" or "WHITE" either in a unit's init field on in a 'initial' waypoint the player also get's set into this mode, and after that combatMode will always return that set mode for the group no matter what you order the AI to change into.

Of course the AI will act as instructed and will fire at will etc but the scripting command combatMode will return the combat mode the player has been stuck into..

The only way to fix this is to set the group's combatmode via scripting again. {F27014}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Download the attached repro
  2. The combat mode set for the group is "GREEN", indicated by the silent hint
  3. Order the AI to open fire or something, notice how the hint still indicates "GREEN" no matter what (also note how the 'hold fire' icon on player persists in the group icon row)
  4. use radio 0-0-0 and see the hint now INDICATE "YELLOW" and the 'hold fire' icon disappears for the player.

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