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Glasses item always disappear
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The item we can place in the glasses space (glasses, mask, etc...) always disappear after loading a savegame or isn't kept from one mission to another (whereas the reast of the gear is)


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Experiencing the same issue with the linux client.

It's a pity, this issue remains not assigned after all this time!

Not correlated to savegame, the issue has different aspects. I don't open a new post for that.

Right now, what is easy to reproduce:
In vanilla map, place a squad group, all units playable.
With edit loadout, modify the player's inventory, everything you want, and add glasses (facewear), tactical shades or else.

Now, in SP preview, what ever character you play, the modified facewear is not displayed (no glasses on it). If you switch, the result concerns only the modified unit. So not "player related".

In MP preview, it's different, (both hosted and client):
add the respawn "switch on side team" (switch on group team is not fine, see feedback)
Each time you switch on a unit, this unit loose his glasses if any (medic,grenadier...).
Here it's related to player(s).

Good luck.