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Low Texture quality settings are the only option.
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Firstly I would like to say FANTASTIC JOB on the port to Linux which I believe was done by EON. The only issue I see atm (initial) is the lack of Medium/High/V.High/Ultra options for the games texture quality. It would be nice if those options were added at some point.


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Just look in first settings menu, texture quality drop-down box only has LOW as a option.

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Thank you for positive feedback. Settings are reactive according to your GPU and CPU power. It should enable you the high setting if you lower some other ones, such as resolution or post-processing. It depends how your HW can handle it. Please note, that Arma Mac/Linux port is achieved by the special wrapper, which lowers the performance.

I run a 980GTX 4GB, it should have more then enough memory to set textures to High. Provided there is enough vram, the texture resolution should have no effect on FPS until it needs to cache it on HDD due to low vram. I do run at 4k resolution at 52fps (Slightly lower when in Multiplayer from what I tested).

Messing with Sampling Rate reveals standard and High options, you can go to 80% to enable them or flick back up to 100% to enable. However when ok is clicked it defaults to LOW.

I still believe this is a bug. Please look into it.

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Hi I have I7-3770k 16Gb of ram, 2xSSD in raid=0 and GTX770 with 2GB of vram and to date did not have a game that maxing out textures would have any fps impact at all, I guess its port issue with large textures, but anyway it is a PC not a console :P so please leave setting options to a user and individual preferences between I LOVE that bellyful sideshow, and I adore that minecrafty look of my enemy :)

On a more serious note thanks for doing that port, ARMA is THE GAME for me an I hope it will lead to full native version, after windows 10 breaking every possible privacy rule in the world, I decided that linux is the onley way forward.

Yeah, after long use of windows i'm gonna switch to Kubuntu for the first time, maybe even in this month. But i wanna wait till game will be better ported/port will be upgraded. How arma work on Linux now? Better or worse than on Windows?

About the same depending on your hardware and driver setup.

However few things to consider, game isn't v1.50 or BattleEye ready under Linux yet (I hope they figure out a solution to BE under Linux), and a few issues like the one I describe here.

Its likely because I play at 4k that this texture resolution thing is a issue, but I have 4GB VRAM so its really a no brainer one for BIS/EON to fix.