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I am always wounded when firing from a mortar.
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Having shot three groups on eight charges I got wound. It occurs always and doesn't depend on a firing distance.
Shooting from the second mortar I receive a critical loss and I perish.
I can sometimes be lost on the first mortar.
Management of AI mortar. AI died, the mortar burned down.
It is possible to correct it?

Pure Arma3, no MOD.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  • Editor
  • Choose a mortar
  • Choose the second empty mortar
  • Mission start
  • Shoot all charges from the first mortar
  • Sit down at the second mortar, to shoot all charges
Additional Information

Sometimes I receive a critical loss on the first mortar. Likely depends on how steadily there is a mortar. If to look narrowly, each shot is followed by a push. I receive blow in feet about the earth from a shot.

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People, please read rules of ticket creating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its just another duplicate of issue :

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The ticket with the status "new" for 2015-01-31? How I could find it?
There are differences in tickets. The player or AI receives damage always. Doesn't depend where the mortar is established and under what corner firing is conducted.
I agree that it is repetition. But I was surprised by its status).
If the reporter doesn't watch promotion of the ticket, it doesn't mean that the problem is partially solved.
Vote against - too I surprised.

Just just can add comment onder that ticked - it will be first on the list, just like new one, no need to create new tickets.

Bah, the best thing to avoid duplication could come from BI who let "new" for more than one year or declare "solved" or duplicated" some topics which aren't (see inputAction "adjust").
To be more constructive, the mortar problem is probably linked to the wound a unit catches each time you attach/detach an object to him. It seems a collision occurs with object. It is also the case if a player "bumps" an attached object on another unit. Make this experiment: attach a fuel canister or something in editor to a unit/player. Reach his position and "touch" the attached object. You're wounded. Make the unit/player prone with attached object, detach it. This time, this unit is wounded.

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When I fix this?

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How much can you think, decide or not decide this issue?

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It isn't cheerful, solve the ticket. It influences game process, progress.
We receive a problem there where it shouldn't be.

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As before, the player and AI receive damage to health using a mortar.

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It is reproduced in DEV 1.67 as before

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@Lex should be fixed one of the next Steam Dev updates (tommorow most likely) ;)

Lex added a comment.Feb 9 2017, 4:18 PM

@razazel Thank you so much

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The problem is solved. Thank you. Close this ticket.

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