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Still there is no proper death-animation for crews of quad-bike, attack-boat and all static weapons gunners!
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Arma 3 has a life of three years, but still there is no proper death-animation(ragdoll) for all static weapons gunners, crew of quad-bike.

These units do not have a normal death animation:

Gunner of static MG(high),
Gunner of static GL(high),
Gunner of static MG(low),
Gunner of static GL(low),
Gunner of offroad armed,
Gunner of attack boat,
Driver of quadbike,
Passenger of quadbike

If you make a ragdoll is difficult, it is possible to make some special animations a randomly


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Buried problem. BIS you stubbornly do not want to correct this issue!

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ignored more than one year, Feedback works perfectly!

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Don't forget to provide feedback, and report issues to our Feedback Tracker, it is being monitored actively by our QA

Based on my tickets, your words do not mean anything. Sad to me

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The development team is now fully focusing on a clean sweep of the game. This means that for the next couple of weeks we're solely fixing bugs, focusing on performance and minor, yet long-standing issues, and polishing the game

@BIS Please make a normal death animation for static gunners and quad-bike driver & passanger. With the release of the game, we do not have it. It looks bad

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