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AI reduce frame rate performance
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Missions with more AI characters suffer from worse performance. Blank missions provide good performance, but performance worsens each time an AI is added. This performance hit seems to be resistant to basic performance-optimizing launch parameters (CPU count, MaxMem, etc.) as well as lowering graphics settings. {F26854}


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Steps To Reproduce

Create a mission with only a player character. Add AI characters in editor or with Zeus and observe FPS with different numbers of AI present.

Additional Information

Attached are two missions, one blank with only a player character, and one with several squads of AI. Poor FPS was observed in the AI_Present mission. The missions were tested WITHOUT performance-optimizing launch parameters and on the Very High graphics preset.

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  • NOT A BUG... AI NEED a lot of CPU power... If CPU is fully loaded, he cant send enought draw call to GPU.