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can't start the game
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when i try to start the game with/out mods it crashes after loading sequence turns into blackscreen:
"Error compiling shader PSLODDiag"



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try to start the game

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already did this yesterday.
today second time of verifying - same result:succesfully verified

loading screen says:addons being loaded, addons being initialized, player profile options being loaded, then game crashes with code 0x00000001 - STATUS_WAIT_1 and the "Error compiling shader PSLODDiag"

Adam added a comment.Aug 28 2015, 8:28 AM

Try updating your graphic card drivers. Thank you.

Rakien added a subscriber: Rakien.May 8 2016, 12:34 PM

I'm having the exact same issue with the 1.50.131969 version, since the update on the 26th of August.

Also, I just reinstalled and updated my graphic card drivers with no luck in solving the problem.

What I find strange though, is that I can run the game without mods using Arma3Sync, but not with the ArmA 3 official launcher. It also runs good if I use the arma.exe directly from the ArmA 3 installation folder.

Also, if I try to run the game with mods from either the official launcher or Arma3Sync, this same error pops up.

Hope that helps a little to pinpoint the problem.

thx rakien
all points confirmed

Could you please try start game via Launcher without and with BattlEye? You can enable and disable it in BattlEye tab in Launcher. Thank you for info.

i testet it with battleye disabled (with/out mods):
doesn't work either

the only thing i can do, to run the game with mods, is to start the game via the normal arma3.exe (so without the launcher and therefor without mods).
then activate the mods via the menu expansions and restart it.
(the way we did before all the launchers came out.)
running the game with the arma3battleye.exe works as well.

does the error occurs if you run the Arma3Launcher.exe directly from the installation folder (not through Steam nor a shortcut).

sadly, this don't work either

Hi Wizard,

I also can confirm that doesn't work.

Thanks in advance for the help.

P.S. madpat3, thank you! I can run with mods at least for now :P

I am also having problems launching mods with the launcher, it just hangs.

Using the arma 3 EXE worked but for now i moved back to 1.48 which works fine

I am havin the same issue for some reason.

BIS i'm very unpleased with your costumer's Service.
I cannot start the game with your selfdeveloped gamelauncher - you know the Problem - you heard others having similar Problems - it's been weeks ago - and there is still no reaction from your side of at least Status quo in solving the Problem.
maybe solution is hard to find, but at least a Report of status quo would be welcome

an unpleased costumer!!!

Hello madpat3,
we've noticed that you have some files in Arma 3 installation folder that doesn't belong here. The "...\Arma 3\Heli\Dta" folder is not part of the game, the Heli folder should contain only the "Addons" folder.
Could you please remove the Dta folder from the Heli folder and run the game through Launcher?

The Dta folder exist only in the root of Arma 3 folder. You might have copied these the Dta folder to Heli folder by accident and now it contain old game data and breaks the game for some reason.

Hi Wizard, thank you for your help! I can confirm this solution worked for me.

I had that same Dta folder on \Arma 3\Heli\ but I don't remember moving any of the files on my ArmA 3 folder so I don't know how it could've gotten there. Anyway, I removed that Dta folder from the Heli folder and both the original Launcher and Arma3Sync seem to be working good again.

Thanks again for your time and help; have a nice day!

Hello Wizz,
thank you, too!
As Rakien mentioned i don't know how that Dta Folder has gotten into my Heli Folder either. So after deleting it launcher works as it used to.

a pleased and satisfied costumer of Bohemia Interactive

thx man!