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Remote Laser Designator moving on release/taking controlls in Multiplayer
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Remote Laser Desginator (with Autonomus disabled) jumps in a random direction (about 1-2°), when you take control.
Releasing control on the otherhand works perfectly fine, without any additon (random) movment.

This makes it impossible to keep the cam on Target, since the feature "Lock UAV Turret" on Target feature is missing. (would be nice to see that feature in the next version ;)


Legacy ID
Operating System
Windows 7
UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place down a remote laser designator
  2. Connect to it
  3. Disable Autonoumus in the UAV terminal
  4. look at a target
  5. release control
  6. take control again (turret turns towards north (bearing 0 at 0 elevation) for about 1-50ms
  7. step 5 and 6 can be repeated until the designator is back on the default position / off target
  8. Laser designator needs to be turned on the Target again
Additional Information

Appears when Autonomus is disabled
Appears after taking control of the "UAV"
Appears in Multi- and Singleplayer

Video starting at 0:28

Probable cause:
It seems like the AI (that should be disabled in the UAV terminal) is trying to move back to the default position before its getting disabled (after about 1-50ms)

Distance of the "jumping" is related to Client FPS

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Confirmed, and as Yoshi says it would be nice to be able to lock it with CTRL+L

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