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[1.50RC] Binarized mission crash dedicated server
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When switching from 1.48 stable (dedicated or client branch) to 1.50RC (dedicated or client branch) our binarized mission (done with MakePBO.exe and Rapify.exe, Mikeros tools) will crash the server with the following error message:


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Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

Switch to branch 1.50RC
Start the attached mission.
Server will crash.

Additional Information

added server *.log, *.bidmp and *.rpt files

Dwarden runs our mission (EUTW) on his chimera servers and does not have the issue, but all of our devs and our dedicated servers got the same issue.

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I want to add a additional Information:
The 1.50RC worked before a 20MB patch which came out last week - since then the error accured.

Additional Information:
Just tested it with a simple mission: 2 playable characters (1 NATO, 1 CSAT) and placed a Hummingbird with a addaction (does nothing, just shows), added description.ext and pboed it with only binarize the mission.sqm - result in same error

Hi, we were able to locate what caused the issue. The issue will be soon gone :)

Thank you so much!
Looking forward to the test!

Confirmed - got no crash anymore!
Thanks so much!

Thanks for the feedback!