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More animation sources to improve model.cfg capability
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There are lots and lots of possible animations to be made with model.cfg, but for correct implementation of things like cockpit gauges it lacks certain animation sources.

Right now, you can only "fake" several gauges with animation sources like "rpm" or "speed", but several new ones like "engineOn"/"engineOff" would help with creating better animations to improve player immersion.

Possible new animation sources:
engineOn - detects if engine is on
engineOff - detects if engine is off
temperature - detects engine temperature
oil - this one actually already exists, but its not functioning in A3


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If you have more possible sources, write them down and I add them into the description.

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FIRSTLY steeringwheel animation source for TankX and throttle Animationsource for PlaneX needs to be fixed! They don't work but are very important. Particulary for TankX vehicles that are not enclosed. Throttle animation is also important for animating the engine on the plane properly. Related

rpm source also need fixing for PlaneX simulation (ticket #17020)

Scratch the engine and oil temperature thing and exchange it for a direct link to the bodyheat, the one which is used for FLIR (vehicles and humans alike)- it is already simulated (basic but still), so why not utilize it directly?

A usefull thing would be acceleration animation sources (time derivative of velocity) for all sorts of stuff. Preferably for all 3 translational directions (in model/object space) if available, but at least for forward acceleration. PlaneX have all the 3D data, it would be nice to be able to use it.

it would also be really usefull to allow integer division for animation sources, so that the floating point gets deprecated.
Say, if you want to make a digital clock you have to write a complex script and do constant updates, when all you want is to display digital values

For the 1minute digit you want the floating point value as integer, for the 10 minute digit you want the floating point value/10 as integer. Especially for animationsources that are 100% floatingpoint like ammo count for ammo counter displays and such things.

For weapons we could really need an animation source for having the weapon holstered or not. It would be very usefull for weapons with folding stocks or other collapsable stuff (e.g. LAW AT Launcher).

Rotation of the model in the world around all 3 axis in modelspace would also be very usefull to have for every simulation class, not just planes& helicopters