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ASP-1 rifle, firing more than >300m "spreads"
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I want to communicate that the accuracy of the ASP-1 rifle, she has very "spreads".

You need to shoot five times or more in order to hit the target between 300m and 500m.

And only the scopes "DMS", "TWS" and "Nightstalker" works perfectly targets the 100m or more, all the other scope of the game does not work perfectly, because you brand 300m in scope, but the bullet goes miles above the target which is 300m.


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In the editor, add target the 200m, 300m and see that only scopes "DMS", "TWS" and "Nightstalker" can hit the target, but the target >400m you must shoot many times to try to hit because there is "spreads" (even using bipod).

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That's the main problem with it - the dispersion

makes the weapon worse than actually is

BIS said that is OK , which is ridiculous

I really dont understand people like you reporting a "bug" without getting information. The max range of the ASP is 400m after that the bullet comes down vertically. Use VA and see the trajectory of the bullet. This is not a bug and wont be fixed. This already was discussed in many tickets.

Adam added a comment.Aug 17 2015, 8:14 AM

Not a bug. Rifle is designed this way.