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Unexpected outcome of CtrlMapCursor command
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The use of the CtrlMapCursor command produces unexpected outcome. In the documentation ( it states this command should work with all map controls. However, upon testing Reporter has failed to successfully yield results with the expected outcome. The is no syntax or systematic error within the script engine. (A mission file has been attached to show setup) {F26794}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a new mission
  2. Create a description.ext
  3. Create a common.hpp file with the control definitions
  4. Create a display.hpp file to define the mission displays a. Create a new display with onLoad event handler defined b. Create a new map control with an idc = 1; c. Set onLoad event to equal: "(_this select 0) displayCtrl 1 ctrlMapCursor [""Arrow"",""Track""];";
  5. Include 4 & 5 within the description.ext
  6. Run the mission
  7. Create the display using 'createDialog'.
  8. Move your mouse over the control and reference the cursor icon when the mouse is over the control.
Additional Information

Please download and run the attached mission "TEST.Stratis.rar"

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Command seems not to work at all, as stated above, syntax seems to be correct.

Command seems to only work with RscDisplayMainMap, all other controls do not seem to work, even though the inherit from the RscMapControl class.

Still seems to be broken.