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Sandstorm MLRS Titan 230mm Rockets are AA missiles
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The big 230 mm Titan rockets that should normally shoot the self-propelled artillery Sandstorm MLRS are small range ASRAAM (Anti-Air) missiles.
It is surely due to a lack of time to model a brand new rocket, and it moves so fast that its not noticeable to the naked eye so its not a bother but if somewhat Bohemia forgot about this one and maybe find it useful to make a model of 230 mm rockets I'm posting this here !
Made a screenshot of the missile ! {F26783}


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Go in the editor and spawn a Sandstorm MLRS
2 - Shoot one or a few rockets
3 - Then go to camera mode from the pause menu
4 - Move around till you can see the rockets being AA missiles
5 - You can compare them with the ASRAAMs of the Blackfoot =)

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Hahahaha thats funny. Never noticed. Humm would be nice if it gets fixed but else its not so annoying. I have played 1000h and never noticed.

And the cluster bombs of the cluster artillery munition are actually titan antitank missiles.

Can't stop laughing XD. You naughty cluster shell, you've hidden it well x).
Wanted to see those fucking clusters but each time i couldn't find where the bomb launded and always missed the moment of explosion so I gave up, thanks you did that for me ! Those AT missiles poping out of a mortar shell made my day XD.

I think problem is solved
230mm Rockets are

Cluster bombs of the cluster artillery

@Astaroth i think issue was been resolved.

Please close this ticket ^_^

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