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I cant eject from helicpoters.
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Enter into editor. Player is a Para trooper for example. Insert a helicopter. (I have not any DLC.) Take off with helicopter, and i cant eject from it if I sitting on pilot or copilot seat. When i am on backseat i can eject.


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Just imagine how are you going to eject out of the pilot seat expect in the hummingbird?

Why not? What is the problem with it? Ok! I know i know.
In real life they do not usually jump out from the front seats. Due to the rotor.But you should be given the opportunity.

I think this was as intended on the release of the Heli DLC. In most of the choppers, ejecting from the pilot or copilot seat would be hard. Due to doors being small or the entire wind shield is the door that would need to be open before getting out, the Blackfoot for an example. But the for the hummingbird you can. They should instead and an exception to the hummingbirds.

At least the co-pilot/pilot should be able to eject if his pilot/co-pilot has control over the helicopter and keeps in stabilized for him to bail.

Obviously you are left on you're own after everyone bails out, like a self sacrifice.

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Dear adam520, have you tried to use the search function? Your ticket is a duplicate. Just take a look at following tickets:


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