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Tanks randomly accelerating and flipping over
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All tanks will randomly accelerate to up to 70 kmph and might even flip over. All vehicles with simulation tankX seem to be affected.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch Arma3 with or without mods
  2. Enter virtual garage and select any tracked vehicle, i.e. 2e9 Sorcher
  3. Use A and D alternately to rotate the vehicle about 180° in place.
  4. After about 10 tries the vehicle will start flying in a random direction
Additional Information

This is a major issue in single- and multiplayer as it happens multiple times during a two hour sitting when driving any tank.
I was ripping my hair out when debugging a custom vehicle only to notice that all vehicles are affected. I think this bug started at some point during 1.48. It happens on dev branch too, it did at least some days ago.
AI are affected equally.

Reproduced so far with: T100, Sochor, Kamysch, Tigris, Kuma and Mora.

Here is video evidence posted by lex in another issue:

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I don't see how it's a dup. Your issue seems to be with AI and high speeds, while mine happens when the player rotates the vehicle in place. Please read/try the repro steps I posted.

They are probably related though. I upvoted yours.

Its known issue, all vehicles are based on PhysX, there was houndrets tickets about it, BIS know about it as well, its a duplicate of 10 or more tickets, next time before creating ticket try to search smillar one. If you dont kno - its physx engine issue.

commy2 added a comment.Aug 7 2015, 5:55 PM

I obviously searched for something similar but I couldn't find any other issue mentioning this. Good thing that they know though.

Do you have a link to their statement about it? I wasn't following their news / playing Arma at all in the last few months.

Hey, I was a tank commander in a unit for several months and we had this issue all the time, sometimes 3 times in one OP.

This is a real let down when you just randomly flip out of slingshot back and forth for no reason when you preform a movement that should not cause such issues.

commy2, In any case, I upvoted too

After refreshing Bohemia forums many topics is deleted, but i'm sure there was lot of it. You can talk to MistyRonin from RHS team - he know exacly where it was. Problem is, this is very serious and i can easly say "game breaking" since lot of updates, and we actually dont know, someone is doing anything to fix this. This issue is making worst feeling of beta game. If this would be fixed, it would be like sun coming from the clouds.

Here is two tickets releated :

Including "rocket tanks" - check when it was submited.

This is really really not fixed. Or if this is not a bug and just a matter of tweaks to the vehicle configuration please someone post a guide on what needs to be taken into account to get rid of this.