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Zeus remote control of infantry breaks their aiming/firing upon release
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If you take control of a man as Zeus with the remote control module then release controls, the AI will not properly aim at enemies and never or barely ever will fire his handheld weapons at an enemy again on foot or riding in a ffv position. The only way to fix it is to delete and replace him.

This does not seem to affect their abilities if they are manning a weapon that's static or gunner of a vehicle,but they will be broken whenever they are ever on foot before or after they manned it if they were ever remote controlled.


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Steps To Reproduce

As Zeus,Place a rifleman or other unit,place an unarmed enemy and he engages. Take control of him, then release control. Place a unarmed enemy and watch him simply stare at him instead of shooting.

Place a manned static mg and take control of it, then release. Place an enemy unit,he will engage,disembark him from the static and place another enemy,he will stare at it.

Additional Information

I've noticed it's primarily aiming as they fire if the enemy crosses their sights,but they simply don't aim at them anymore when on foot after taking control and release.

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