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Character orientation on ladder is always directly vertical.
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Character "vectorup" while climbing a ladder is always equal to [0,0,1] regardless of actual orientation of ladder, causing visual animation glitch where the character doesn't grip the ladder but instead "climbs on air".
While the ladder memory points are used for the path of the climbing, they aren't used to decided the "vectorup" of the character climbing.

There's a possible script solution for this:
_building = nearestBuilding player;
_ladderStart = _building modelToWorld (_building selectionPosition "Ladder_1_S");
_ladderEnd = _building modelToWorld (_building selectionPosition "Ladder_1_E");
_vectorUp = _ladderEnd vectorDiff _ladderStart;
player setVectorUp _vectorUp;

But the only event handler suitable for such case is the AnimChanged, and there's still the issue of a hackish method to get the ladder the character is climbing based on which one is the closest.


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Windows 7
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Spawn a building which has a ladder, tilt the building slightly to it's side and try climbing the ladder.

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This webm:
should illustrate this issue on a moving ladder, however the issue is also present on completely static ladders which aren't going straight up.

The picture illustrates the suggested script.

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this should be fixed already

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