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RPT Spam : Object not found / Overflow
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since few month i have a lot of rpt spam on server like :

"1:21:38 Server: Object 2:5562 not found (message Type_113)"


"1:22:18 Client: Object 3:714 (type Type_407) not found."


0:16:51 Overflow


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run MP server

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i use 1.48 perf 1 but this spam happend since 1.x

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Adam added a comment.Jul 28 2015, 8:03 AM

Hello, any idea how to reproduce this?

havena added a subscriber: havena.May 8 2016, 12:26 PM

@Adam : perhaps this :

i have a script on HC who remove useless vehicle etc.


if(test some param) then {
  deleteVehicle _x;

}foreach vehicles;

i do same for empty groups but localy

//Group clean (Local)
if(local _x && {(count units _x == 0)}) then {

		deleteGroup _x;

} foreach allGroups;

i will test to do deleteVehicle localy.

i always have some obj not found with deleteVehicle localy.

14:06:05 Client: Object 2:5732 (type Type_119) not found.
14:06:05 Client: Object 2:5732 (type Type_91) not found.
14:06:05 Client: Object 2:5732 (type Type_399) not found.

14:02:22 Server: Object 3:120 not found (message Type_399)
14:02:22 Server: Object 3:119 not found (message Type_119)
14:02:22 Server: Object 3:126 not found (message Type_91)
14:02:22 Server: Object 3:132 not found (message Type_399)

repro send to dwarden

here also, sometimes on AltisLife server more than 20mb logs because "Server: Object *:*** not found"

This need to be fixed