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Vehicle actions are still available when Enablesimulation False
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When false and applied to a vehicle, the getin actions and inventory can be accessed, although if you attempt to get in, your screen will end up black and no way of returning to normal view. This can ofcourse be worked around by locking the vehicle, but the mission maker would beed to remember this
(This bug is pre 1.48)

Enablesimulation False, should remove all actions or interaction with the object so that the object is then just a model with textures, nothing more.
e.g. does not get returned with vehicles array etc, in the case of a vehicle


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place any enterable vehicle in the mission editor and enter the following into it's init field

enablesimulation False;

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Sounds good.. +1

Adding this feature to enableSimulation could potentially break a lot of scripts that rely on this behavior. I would suggest adding a command to disable all actions on a specific object instead.

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DisableUseractions TRUE/FALSE
DisableUseractionsGlobal TRUE/FALSE

for configged actions, yes i would agree that would be useful, you could then re enable those actions as and when you see fit and would also allow more possibilities for replacing the actions that are run with something scripted