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Random sensitivity burst when touching the walls
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Whenever you walk against a wall (touch it), you get a sudden increase in sensitivity, it can be small, it can be pretty big, can really throw/piss you off sometimes, especially when you're in a tight place and have no choice but to stay close to walls.


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I recommend using low sensitivity to spot it easier, have a wall to your back 1-2 meters behind, aim down sights, enter slow walking mode, and move back.

Move your mouse around before you get to the wall so you get the feel for the sensitivity, and when you touch the wall, you should notice immediate spike in sensitivity.

EDIT: adding the video here for better visibility

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It's likely because you're rested (weapon stabilization) when against the wall.

It happens when you walk backwards against the wall, if it's stabilization they need to fix it, can't stabilize on the wall behind you :)

But I don't think it's that, it was happening long before weapon stabilization was added (I would even go as far to say it was there from alpha, but not really certain), I just never got around to reporting it.

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I'm unable to reproduce the issue. Could you please provide more info? Thank you.

EDIT: Skip this one, and check the next note, it explains a lot better.

Here is how to reproduce it, keep in mind though, it's a lot easier to feel the sensitivity spike in game then by watching, but should be noticeable enough even on the video.

Also make sure to read the description.

PS. Something I failed to mention, it's not enough to walk back and stop when you touch the wall, sensitivity is increased while you're moving against the wall.

Here's a video recorded in 60fps, on this one you can easily notice the difference. I restricted left-right mouse movement, so it's always the same, which means it's definitely game's fault.

Also notice how smooth the aiming is when not touching the wall, when you touch it, not only does the sensitivity increase, but it's wonky (kinda like freelook used to be, but worse) and inconsistent.

It's a problem when clearing rooms, and you accidentaly touch the door frame, it sends your aim all over the place.
It's a problem on any 180 staircase ( especially if you're in rush, when you need it to work most.
When you go up the middle and it's time to turn, if you touch the inside fence, it sudenly turns you too much, and you end up walking down.

Those small guard towers are the most affected.

Basically, if you ever touch anything while shooting at someone, your aim is all over the place.

Yep having it also, and it's like this for everyone, problem is just that many people don't really pay attention to what happens in the game that they play so not many people notice it. Running against a wall, goint up stairs (whille touching either the wall or the hand rail) and when you walk through door openings, well as long as your character is touching something that doesn't move (not sure about vehicles) the sensitivity becomes twice as high. If you can't reproduce it, i don't know what game you are testing it in, but not arma 3, because this happens for everyone. And Dayz Standalone also has it. I'm using no mouse accel or anything else.

Vehicles yes, even by touching other players/ai you are affected. In fact, if you really can't reproduce, just place an AI unit and walk forward into him while moving the mouse, it's terrible.

I'm genuinely surprised this doesn't have a higher priority, considering how big impact it has on CQB.

Ok so even vehicles and other players/AI... hmmm. Well i don't know what does this but it really frustrates me and often is the reason for me to alt+f4 because you run out or away from cover.

Anyways there's not many posts about this so not many poeple have noticed it but then again no one noticed the gun sounds playing accross the map fpr nearly every player a couple of month ago. You know like the reload sound in dayz where every one on the map can hear that 1 guy reloading for some reason. I kpet telling my friend listen closely. Never really paid attention to it untill i kept saying it every time i heard the glitched sound myself. Even though he played every day many hours a day he never noticed. How that is possible i don't know but it's as if their brain can't work together with what their body is doing whille having to pay attention to something that happens on a screen, like moving your mouse 5 centimeter and not noticing that it makes you turn twice as much as it's supposed to or as it usually does.

And the fact that the posts about this issue are month old but the only reply they got was that they couldn't reproduce it... well that tells me that this is not really going to get fixed. Only thing we can do is keep spamming this or these posts so they stay on top. Because if a trouble shooter guy from the game can't figure out how to run against a wall and see the difference in his mouse sensitivity... then i don't know they might be console noobs i'm not sure.

Or automated answer that comes up when there is a post but not many people vote for it... i don't know, just seems really weird, and like you say Considering the big impact on CQB... well pretty crazy that no one else has talked about this or fixed.

I don't remember this happening to me in arma 2, so must be with the newer engines which have a new physics thing maybe? arma 3 and DayZ SA have it 100% sure, tested here on 3 different computers.

If people say that they don't have then it's not true there's no way that you don't have this issue in the game since it's the game itself that does this and not a hardware or software issue. and like i said people that don't even pay attention to what happens in the game that they play.

Sorry long post but i'm just really annoyed and frustrated over this issue which is pretty game breaking IMO, and seeing the BI team not be able to reproduce it... arghhhh !!!! damnit ! either they play another version, or another game, or they don't try it, or they have bots to try it, or they use google translate to figure out what we talk about. Either way this is just not okay to be left as if nothing happened.

Duplicate ticket for this issue here:

This has been a problem since the Alpha and really needs to be fixed.

I've tested and I see that this is a thing. Hasn't really bothered me ever at all because I'm not a twitch shooter. But I can now understand after seeing the couple of videos and steps to repro it.

Great, however even if you're not a twitch shooter, it can be a big annoyance as it really hinders movement. Countless times I was left exposed because of this.

For example when you're under fire and try to get in that small guard tower, in the heat of the moment you run up half of the stairs, and in the middle you turn to go further up - because you touch the rail, sensitivity kicks in, and you end up running down the stairs again back into the enemy fire.

Anyway, considering I play mostly coop with buddies (I played TacBF a few times as well, it was great but I have terrible fps) I can't say I'm a twitch shooter myself.

It's just that people often mistake the cause of this with something else. Low framerate for example, instead of touching stuff, which is probably why not a lot of people complained.

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This has been fixed with 1.64.

Thanks a lot!