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Create Group UI Button not working if player in a non-registered group
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If a player is already inside a group non-registered on the dynamic group system, the player wont be able to create a new group (or the group is created then deleted since the player is not transferred). In order to fix that, the player must be putted inside a grpnull.

It is also possible that this issue only occurs when the leader of the initial group the player is in is AI.

Also since it is happening in a dedicated environment, the locality of the player and his group is different (player is remote and group local to the server)


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End Game - Dynamic Groups
Steps To Reproduce

In the editor, put a player inside an AI group, set up the group management module and try to switch group.

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Fixed, should arrive at the Dev Branch tomorrow.

If non-leader player in non-registered group tries to create a group, it will now be correctly create, but player is moved out of the old, non-registered group (because he is not the leader of current group).