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one target isn't exit in checkpoint 3 of orange 3 firing drills mission
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one target isn't exit in checkpoint 3 of orange 3 firing drills mission, it show a target position on map at checkpoint 3 somewhere behind rocks, but actually there is no pop up target there.


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Could you please attach a screenshot of the issue? thank you.

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IF you just play that mission you see issue, screenshot just show no target, nothing more.

Ah seems you don't like to play that challenge! here is screen shot of that target which I never could find:

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I'm unable to reproduce this issue. The target is there 5 out of 5 attempts, but it's *very* well hidden by dry brush. There is another target near the car wreck which is, by design, only there with a 40% chance.

Please can you try to look for the target again? Scan using magnified zoom and move around in the CP area. Thanks!

I think it can be closed....

DnA added a comment.Sep 4 2015, 10:16 AM

Roger that!