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say3D distance mutch to far. (update 07.13.2015)
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_soldier1 say3D "say_hello"; the sound file will played but you can hear it 1km away ! {F26548}


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Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

open attached mission and walk away from the speaker...

Additional Information

Distance from say3D mutch to high.

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Adam added a comment.Jul 3 2015, 11:34 AM

Hello, i was unable to reproduce the issue. Sounds correctly get less audible with the distance using Say3D. Could you please provide a simple repro mission displaying the issue? Thank you.

R34P3R added a subscriber: R34P3R.May 8 2016, 12:19 PM

So Adam...

i uploaded repo mission for you... hope you can reproduce it now...

you can her the voice up to 250m also in building and behind buildings.

The biggest problem is the distance ! It is complete unreal that you can hear people talking on 250m distance. This is also a problem if you whant to add some ambient sounds into the mission like a Radio... i placed a little radio into the center of town and you can hear it everywhere.

The best way to fix this: give us an MaxDistance option for say3D... please do not argue with playSound3D because its complete broken on dedicated servers since years ! So we cant use it.

R34P3R added a comment.Sep 7 2015, 3:21 PM

some response here ?

its currently not possible to play a sound in a range of 20m... will be nice if BIS look into playsound3D or say3D.

say3D, distance param is still not working

For me the command works correctly, you just need to specify max audible distance in config, otherwise default distance is too big.

sound[] = {"voice.ogg", 1, 1, 100};

The last param is max distance which is 100m and it does fade correctly with this added.

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