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Decrypt End Game files
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Those who have explored the Marksmen DLC files know that they are encrypted (.EBO).

I am well aware that you plan on releasing them, as you did with Karts and Heli DLCs. But right now, a LOT of interesting features are encrypted. I am not asking for all of the files to be decrypted, just End Game's (so basically Mark -> Addons -> missions_f_mp_mark.ebo and missions_f_mp_mark_data.ebo). That would enable mission makers to create much more interesting missions and game modes.

Now, this is not a primary issue, but files will be decrypted sooner or later.


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Details on how to make an end game scenario have already been released

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I am well aware of that, not asking for the very End Game mission modules, but for its content, the RSC in particular (for example : the timer, the stages that appear on the left of the screen, etc). Those are extremely well made, and it would be great if we could use them.