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AddonBuilder packing to wrong Directory
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Been away and missed a couple of itterations so not sure when this happend
Basically the Tools team have let the Nonce loose again on pathing and you now have to fix the output


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Pack an addon

A3Dir\@dbo\addons Expected placement of PBO

A3Dir\@dbo\ resulting placement of PBO

Big problems if your chasing a bug and packed twice before loading game ,you will get the rror of overwrite and think all is good , but you will be testing the old pbo in the correct folder and all your new work is sat outside LOL.

P.S if its the same person responsible for this annoying yellow box telling me hints right now , please use the following script BIS HR : if(hintboxidiot = pathingidiot) : { idiot setpos ( getpos Welfare office) };


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Temp Fix for anyone not able to await an update / extend the destination by and extra \addons

A3Dir(find your path)\@dbo\addons\addons


This issue is already in the list and should be fixed soon. In the meantime, add the trailing backslash manually should be enough to bypass the issue.

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please refrain from insulting other people on this page, I would be very unhappy to disable your account.

You see insults
I see frustration ,
Is it really too much to test before release even if its DEV version ?, Lets just think for one moment what we are seeing here on many many occasions .

  Is the final release full of Major flaw and bugs ? Nope 
  Is the final release full of silly little flaws that would be caught by one simple test ? yes.

Please understand this is not disrepect it is shear disolusion for people who spend many hours to give the Engine more longevity and Shelf life if we didnt do this , the Vanilla games would long be gone.
In summary i only ask for one simple thing : Please test at least once the final update before release , it is beyond all dispute that this error shows , it cannot have been tested because the PBO would bot have been in the folder.
This simple flaw once again cost me 6 hours + of my own precious time , i hope you undertsand.


Fixed in latest update

Reminder to anyone using the fix to reset your destinatrion folder :)

cheers for the fix BIS

Thanks for the feedback :)