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Feature Request: unique object categories
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Hello BI Team,

for weapon stores, clothes stores, supermarkets it would be great to have a standardized category attribute for each item.

This would help to generate dynamic stores, which are easily ready for updates.


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Weapons: Currently i am sorting trough scopes this is OK, but the naming for categories is weird. I sort it currently though description string actions.
aj_wpTypes = [

		"Assault rifle ",
		"Marksman rifle",
		"Light Machine Gun",
		"Submachine Gun",
		"Sniper Rifle",
		"Rocket Launcher",
		"Medium Machine Gun",
		"Underwater Gun",
		"PCML Rocket Launcher"

This works, but could screw up on updates.

For Vehicles i and static objects i use kindof - this works. but i would like to have general functions for categorizing of each store object.

Scopes and Attachments are being sorted through linkedItems, which is OK.

Additional Information

The main problem: Weapon categories.
I am fearing problems with the categories there:
_weaponType = ([_description, "<"] call BIS_fnc_splitString) select 0;
if(_weaponType in _weaponTypeDescriptionSearchString && (configName _x find "base") == -1 && !((configName _x) in _tempDuplicateFilterArray)) then {

							if(_weaponType == "PCML Rocket Launcher") then {_weaponType = "Rocket Launcher"};

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Oh i didnt sort through scopes. Maybe i was tired :(

BIS_fnc_itemType is doing the job (delivered with Virtual Arsenal -> marskmen)
For me its fine, if Karel maintains it :D

I think this topic can be closed.
Adam, Thanks for taking care. There are still some Items, which are not being categorized completely (like structures, buildings), but this matches not this ticket.
I try to show up with a modified version of bis_fnc_itemsType, if i get a widely usable idea.

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