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Lip files are randomly not working (video)
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For some strange reason, lip files randomly stop working. Frustratingly, the issue is extremely hard to reproduce. Sometimes a line of dialogue is synced correctly, and sometimes the characters lips do not move at all. The issue appears to be random - however, it seems to have only started happening since the latest update.

Here's a video of some of the issues (mouth tearing, choppy animation, gaping etc.):


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I'm experiencing the issue while travelling in cargo in a UH-80 helicopter. The unit sitting opposite is randomly having huge lip sync issues. I'm using KBTell system and it's worked fine up until now.

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Unitplay function is active while this is occurring. Not sure if that is of any relevance or not.

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This is also happening on Dev Branch.

I am also experiencing this in my helicopter mission.

The lip movement for me sometimes becomes 'choppy'. The lips do not always move smoothly as they did before update.

Yes. Lip movement sometimes doesn't work. +1

That lip tearing is some ugly business :)

Indeed it is! No idea what makes it happen though.

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Great to see this assigned. thank you