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No sound on reports in helicopter support missions
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In all of the official helicopter support missions (f.e. multiplayer COOP 04 Support Stratis) there are no sounds in the 1.46 versions (original and hotfixed) for troops needing transport etc. Only the text is shown. All of the high commanders reports are silent, except for radio static when the report starts.

Same is true for all languages. Only tested on advanced flight model playing alone.


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just start one of the missions. You should hear the first requests immediately when the mission starts.

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I can confirm this issue. It seems to be part of larger bug introduced with radio commands (sideRadio, customRadio, etc.) The simplest description is the audio (ogg) portion of these commands appears to now be acting with positional effect. So if you execute a radio command (in a script or console) it will play full, normal volume if the source is adjacent to the listener but fades out completely over ~500m. As 'Akibuua-FIN-' reports, a listener will see the text properly along with the the final beep, but if the source is over 500m no sound will be heard. RECREATION STEPS: Pretty easy. Create a mission, place two soldiers on the same side, copy in any working ogg file from another mission, set up your CfgRadio like normal in the description.ext. Preview the mission, as player1 execute the sideRadio command varying player1 and player2 as the source (e.g. player1 sideRadio 'radio1'; & player2 sideRadio 'radio1';), then slowly have player2 move out a 100m at a time. (I've confirmed this in my own missions both with sideRadio and customRadio and in preview mode, MP, ded server.) I'm not running any mods for this test.

I believe this is a duplicate of (or at least overlaps with) open issue #0024419.