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constant crashes for the last 12 hours
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game constantly crashes, constantly( never more then 5 min of play time) has happened more than 30 times

Errors are:
Instructions at 0x009852d referenced memory at 0x000000

0x4752c6                       0x0000004
0x09752d8                      0x0000001

The list goes on and on and on {F26427} {F26428} {F26429} {F26430} {F26431} {F26432}


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just try to play the game

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emailed support got back a reply to do a registry edit for windows 7, spent hours searching the registry for the mentioned string did not find it. obviously that didn't help, was told it was a corrupted user profile tried to delete it could not.

Would really like to be able to play a game that has worked wonderfully for months up until the last 12 hours. will have to think really hard about if I want to pay for the stand alone and not be able to play it after an update.


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Adam added a comment.Jun 15 2015, 7:57 AM

Hello, did you try creating new user profile in Windows?

Thank you for your feedback

I have created a new windows profile even though I had no windows problems. I deleted my A2, AOA and A3 Profiles yet the problem still there.

I am an idiot and it may just be a coincidence but it worked wonderfully up till "hotfix" 1.46 or what ever it was certainly didn't fix my problem.

Any more guesses?

Adam added a comment.Jun 22 2015, 11:56 AM

Try uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it again.

What can I do that will actually resolve the problem your guesses don't seem to be working just seems to give me something to do because the product I purchased is faulty or has been rendered so by a BI "fix"

What Will actually FIX this.
I am out of town and its going to take me 8.5 hrs to re-download it AGAIN which of course cost money.

Is there a actual customer support department I so I would like contact information for them whatever this is has so far been a waste.

Adam added a comment.Jun 23 2015, 9:27 AM

If you wish to contact customer support, you can do so here:

WOW!! now everytime I try to join a server It gives me a Blue screen. I guess that's the fix if I cant join a server it cant crash... Thanks hope your doctor is better at his job. So theres not a support department. These are the clowns that I emailed in the first place.


Adam added a comment.Jun 23 2015, 1:14 PM


could you please upload your DX-Diag file? It would help us a lot.
You can find how to get your file here:

also please attach your latest .rpt file
these can be found here: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

there are the DX-Dia and arma 3 report. the report was about a min after the crash.

Adam added a comment.Jun 25 2015, 8:45 AM

Hello, the crashes you are experiencing are most probably caused by Epoch. We are aware of the issue and it has been already fixed on Dev Branch.

attached a cap of what Im seeing. removed all mods (sum were auto in enabling)and it ran well except for on exit(last attachment). loaded each mod one by one then multiple mods/addons. (downloaded everything fresh) only got the crash thing on exit even with every mod enabled.

Has or will this be fixed? Still the same memory crash with or with Mods. This is getting VERY OLD. " We are aware of the issue and it has been already fixed on Dev Branch" When will this be released?

Do you have a malloc in your start params?

I did not up till this morning and it did not make. I added it out of desperation and lack of any help from BI.

Is there a fix its been 3 months?

You didnt answer my question.

That is the answer!
"I did not up till this morning and it did not make a difference"

Now Please answer mine:Is there a fix its been 3 months?

Is it a yes or a no ? You are answering like my gf.

I have not had malloc in the system start up parameters till this morning-
so YES and NO. These are simple sentences I can not explain it any simpler.

Till me what you don't understand I have a friend that is a retired special needs teacher I will call her If I need to.

You are not answering at all!
Now Please answer mine: Is there a fix its been 3 months?

There is a workaround disable all mallocs and disable max ram

I have both disabled and blank and still the same issue? It didn't work prior to me adding mallocs and doesn't work now- Surprise!

"We are aware of the issue and it has been already fixed on Dev Branch" When will this be released?

Now Please answer mine: Is there a fix its been 3 months?

Ok try to disable all mods all startparams just blank arma 3. Disable you AV. To answer your question when you dont know what causes the problem how can you know if there is a fix?

If it crashes upload the rpt

What i wanted to say is the 1. Rpt is without malloc but with epoch. 2. Rpt is mods and malloc so you have 2 times a different cause of the problem

I have A3 at what ever the default parms are, no mods If I knew how to disable the DLC I would. Its still the same error it has always been

I new you would ask for it and still you ask for it any way! Is there some one that actually wants to support BI's products?

this run around thing has gotten old.
You win you got my money. I will pursue other options.
Good Job!
Hope when you have a problem you are treated the same way

I take it the answer was NO.

Ok when you dont like BIs way to fix problems its your opinion. This platform is made to support the devs to find problems in the engine. It means for example if the problem is not fixed upload the new rpt and write in the notes its not fixed. Change the version in the ticket as i assume you are using the newest version.

Just for your information i dont know any dev team fixing periodacly bugs. Arma 3 is getting better every patch. There are just some ignorant people thinking that programming is somehow like ohh wait change this line and it works. It isnt that easy. I must say BI is doing more in arma 3 than EA did in the complete BF series.

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