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Out of memory error - crashed to desktop
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Had been playing for 4+ hrs tonight when I got CTD with error :

Out of memory (requested 1784610 footprint 1889009664KB pages 81920KB)

Have been playing A3 for over 2k hrs and never seen this before? Memory leak?

I'll play again tomorrow and see if it happens again. {F26395}


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Adam added a comment.Jun 10 2015, 8:59 AM

Hey, thank you for your ticket.

Could you please specify if you were using mods or not? If you were playing MP / SP and what were you doing at the exact moment?

Thank you.

Epoch 0303 only - i played about 8 hrs yesterday and didn't get it again.

I have added an archive with all the dump files since the 1.46 release for your perusal.

Yeah got smillar issue - game got minimized when patch was released - i was playing and boom - game minimized and i wasnt able to maximize it. I want it was patch fault (in same time it become available)

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