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[1.46.131101 RC] Chat log disappears
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An old issue seems to have resurfaced: multiplayer chat log disappears after some time


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I don't know how to reproduce it, but all I know is that it stops showing between a couple minutes to an hour after launch of the game followed by MP play. Doesn't seem to be linked to Esc menu like old issue. A restart of the game is required to make it show again. I'm not running any mods.

Possibly related: #16188

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What do you mean by disappear? Is it only the chat log that disappears or the players own chat entry? when you have the chat entry up, does pressing Page Up or Page Down show the chat log?

Chat log, Page Up/Down didn't do anything either. Only happened twice so far, will try to note down what I did next time it happens.

Adam added a comment.Jun 8 2015, 10:37 AM

Hello AgentRev! Is this issue happening 100% everytime you launch the server? Also how long must the server run for the issue to appear? Thank you!

I was hosting on LAN directly in-game from "Multiplayer > New", doing some debug on my own mission. There doesn't seem to be a specific length of time for it to happen, it was more or less random.

Again, it only happened twice so I don't really have more details. I will be doing some more tests tonight, I'll try to record my screen so if it happens again I'll be able to provide more in-depth infos.

Hello, this is an important matter !

I am having this every time i'm on a dedicated server.

How to reproduce :
In Dedicated server > in Multiplayer game (after the init)
Press escape key to display Game Menu.
Chat and game logs are not displayed anymore.

Please FIX this and stop breaking it every time you update the game !
This must be just a few lines to fix, please send this in the next Dev branch, i'll be your tester if you want !