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HC Can not connect to dedicated server on same hardware
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This started since the Game Query and Steam Query port change being hardset. On all of my hardware setups, a HC will not connect to a server on the same hardware, the HC must be remote. We ruled out it being a localclients/headlessclients IP whitelisting issue, as it never connects in the first place, where as a remote headless client, if not whitelisted, connects, but produces a steam ticket issue and is kicked.

All hardware is non virtualized, and uses a /29 IP range or larger (5+ public IPs bound directly).
The HC will bind on UDP and the server will bind to whatever IP -ip= sets it to, and only that IP (which is good), but the HC binding on (all IPs) seems to possibly be part of the problem.

I tried using -ip on the HC to set it to a certain different IP, but then it binds to nothing, only makes an attempt to talk to a steam auth server IP outbound and then closes it (from what I could tell)

If I start the HC before the server, then the server shows up still in the server list, and when trying to join, halts me on the Stratis loading screen, no RPT errors that I can see, server, HC, or client.
Though once I did get this in my client RPT randomly it seems:
16:50:30 c:\w\stable\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing!
16:50:30 Extensions:


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Using a server that does not rely on NAT/Private IP ranges, and has 2 or more public IPs bound to it using Windows Networking, such as from a /29 range.
Windows Firewall on or off makes no difference.
Start arma3server.exe dedicated server up first, then the HC after it is loaded.
HC command line is:
-client -nosound -profiles=HC -name=HC -connect= -port=2302
Where the IP is the one set via the -ip command for the main dedicated server.

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Should mention tried changing the IP the dedicated server listens on from the first in the range to the last and everything in between, same results.
Given the behavior of how the HC being started first prevents others from joining the server, yet it still shows up in the server list, makes me believe it is some form of port or IP binding issue.
Having a way to bind the HC to use a certain IP instead of may fix this issue, or a way to change the server's query and steamquery ports as before they were hardset, this was not an issue since we used a range +7 and +9 the join port.

OS via dxdiag:
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64-bit (6.1 Build 7601)

Same thing happens with Arma2oA

note: try use -ip= for Headless Client (same as for server) , at least with Arma 3 it seems to resolve the issue

another tip : for A3 one may try to use -connect=%COMPUTERNAME%

Tried using the hostname(computer name) and issue seemed to persist.
Using the -ip method for the HC, it should be the same as the server's IP(the one that is also in -connect= ?)

Do not see any mention of localClient param, you do have it set correctly, right?

I'm not aware of that parameter in the command line, but we do have it set in the server.cfg.
Without this, it will get a steam ticket error issue and keep getting kicked. However the HC can still only connect from another set of hardware, the localClient/HeadlessClient IP whitelist prevents the Steam Ticket error from kicking.

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The IP Option must be used for both server and headless client

Doesn't work:
arma3retail_server -client -connect=<IP Number> -mod=
arma3retail_server -config=server.cfg -ip=<IP Number> -mod=

arma3retail_server -client -connect=<IP Number> -ip=<IP Number> -mod=
arma3retail_server -config=server.cfg -ip=<IP Number> -mod=

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Could you also please attach your config files for server and HC client if the issue remains so we can reproduce it in our environment? Thank you!

Thanks Adam, seems with the latest version and using -connect AND -ip everything works.
You are awesome.