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Opportunity to change color of messages "a line of a chat" in game settings.
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Hello. Settings - Game - Colour. I adjusted everything for convenient perception of information on the screen. Did not find change of color of a chat. There is only a change of a background. The background suits me - without changes. The text of a chat is badly visible on this background. Sometimes it is necessary to turn in game, to find more dark texture against which, the chat is visible better. Nikname it is visible in a chat well, and the text of the message it is badly visible. If in settings to make an any more transparent background, it solves my problem, the chat is visible better. It causes other problem. The big space of the screen becomes the closed dark background of information fields.
Very much is not enough in settings of the game "Colour" of the Chat parameter. Change of color of the text of a chat would be the optimum decision. I hope, it will be useful not only for me.

Add item settings - Font color

The map is difficult to see the coordinates, the font color blends with background color.

Add item settings - Font color


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Windows 10 x64
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Arma3 1.67\Arma3RC 1.68 \Arma3DEV 1.69
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There are some categories of messages in game. Some are visible well. But there are messages which color closely to color of a background of the screen of a chat.

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The text, is very badly visible as before.....

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It continues to break my sight

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It continues to break my sight

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I like the transparent background, but the chat is hard to read.

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Please save my eyes from this problem. It's like before, it's hard to read the chat.