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Channels chat are not logged anymore
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Since few days all canals chat are not logged anymore (except the global channel)in logs.

Until now all Chat were logged in server.log but now only global channel is logged.

Not a big deal to admin servers correctly.
It is important for amdins to get complete logs

The problem occurs on Linux server too but the problem is present from the begining.
For Windows server it is a regression.
it would have been better to give the abbility to log all chat channel to linux server than to remove it from windows server.


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Steps To Reproduce

write in global channel = logged
write in side channel = not logged
write in command channel = not logged
write in vehicle channed = not logged
write in direct channel = not logged

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lol sorry it is in french ! boooo ! canal = channels

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And it seems it was temporary because i don't meet the problem since i have post the feedback !!

Are you using Battle Eye on your server?

yes Battleye is enable.

Most likely this is because you won't see anything in the log unless Battleye responds to the chat, and it only does that if there is someone to see the chat message or you chat in Global.

So youre saying if you chat in group, there needs to be another player in your group? If you're in side chat, there needs to be a player on your side?

Yes, exactly that.

Hence my feedback suggestion here

But apparently not many people agree!

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I am having the same problem. When only one player is on the server, then even side chat does not go to the console.

So one is not able to communicate with that player trough an rcon admin tool.
You can write him, but you can not read what he answers...

WT... Who made this system?!

BR Rob

To be fair, before 3rd party programs came around, there was no way to talk to players from the admin computer anyway.

On the other hand, even Minecraft has this functionality.

The problem i have reported is resolved.
It seems the problem came from a BE update and solved with a new one.

Currently all is back. All channels chat are logged in the server log.

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