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MBT Kuma, M2A1/A2 are missing indications of how many Smoke Grenades you got
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When you jump into the Commander seat of the MBT-42 Kuma, or the Commander of the Slammer /-Up you dont got a indication of how many smoke Screens you got left unlike other Vehicles like the T-100 Varsuk or Ifrits where you see the Smoke screen Indicator.
Even tho they dont get shown you can still deploy them, so its just a minor bug. {F26310} {F26311} {F26312} {F26313} {F26314}


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce

-Go to Editor
-Place a M2A1 Slammer /-A2 Slammer UP and/or a Kuma + a T-100/ Ifrit as Reference
-Get into the Commander Seat of the T-100/ Ifrit and look at the top right Corner, it should say "2 Smokescreens" (picture 1/2)
-Now get into one of the other Tanks as commander
-You should notice that there is no indication on how much Smokescreens you got (Picture 3/4)

Additional Information

Note that "Smokescreen" is called "Rauchwand" since it is the German version

Picture 1: Ifrit with Smokescreen indicator Top right, as Commander
Picture 2: T-100 With Smokescreen indicator top right, as Commander

Picture 3: Commander of the Kuma without Smokescreen indicator
Picture 4: Deployment of Smokescreen by the Kuma

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Adam added a comment.May 22 2015, 8:38 AM

Hello, i'm unable to reproduce the issue. Could you please provide more info? Thank you!

Ok maybe this will help

My Arma is on Version

I dont got any mod Activated.

I tried it again today but still got the same results as yesterday.

The only thing i could think of is that this bug maybe just occurs in the German Version of the game?

Alright i tested this issues and it's a bug in the game

when you are in commander seat in any tank you should be able to deploy a somke around the when you Press 'C' tank to cover it from getting locked by AT missiles video will Explan even furthur it's the same principle

problem here is you can't see how many somke shell you still have or have in tanks

i uploaded 4 screenshot and circled the important thing

1 in the T100 tank you can see how many somkes left that how it should work in other tanks (at first you have 2 smoke shell )

2 in the kuma (while you are in the commander seat) you can't see how many somke shell you have left it should apper but it don't

3 in the Slammer same problem as kuma

4 in slammer up same problem as Kuma and as Slammer

Hope that help you


Yeah thats the Problem i tryed pointing out

Thank you for adding the Screenshots!

NP Nikolas we all want to make this game better :D

Yeah but never saw someone trying to reproduce the bug with so much comittmend so thanks for that :)
Its really great that BI does this Feedback tracker

Anyway back ontopic,

Where you able to reproduce it now Adam?

he got lot of report to check and review i think it will take him some time to check this again

Adam added a comment.May 25 2015, 8:19 AM

Still unable to reproduce, even switched to german and it is still there on all Tanks.

Maybe we dont talk about the same thing, but i don't talk about that the tanks are able to deploy a smokescreen, i am talking about that there is no indication for how much of the smokescreens you got.

yes some tanks don't have indication on how many somke shall left that's the problem the only tank that have it is T-100 working fine but on others isn't working can't be that hard to understand

it's not problem with languge it problem in game

Did you Understand my Point Adam?

I've had similar bugs with the commander seat while experiencing desynch.
Such as, unable to deploy smoke, unable to use optics, no indication of smoke screens.

But for this specific issue i was able to reproduce the issue with M2A1, M2A4 and the MBT-52. None of those tanks have HUD indication of how many smoke screens you have left.

Yeah, thats the Problem i tried to point out. But i think that Adam think's that i talk about the ability for the Tanks to deploy Smokes

Adam added a comment.Jun 4 2015, 8:19 AM

I understand your point nikolas but i was not able to reproduce the issue. Could you please try checking Steam DEV if the issue is present there? Thank you.

Great, its Fixed as in Version 1.47.13170

Its fixed in all three Vehciles!

Thank you for taking the Time, the Ticked may be closed now.