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Building Icons no longer show on terrain
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Building icons no longer show on terrain when ingame


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Steps To Reproduce

Binarize a terrain with buildings present
Ensure Temp Folder has the p3ds in relevant folder (Binarize wont auto copy )
load game
No Buildings

Additional Information

worked in previous stable version

assume some fix relating to Binarize not handling P3ds has led to this complications.

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Reverted Binarise. exe and all working now


I think you need to refresh your local unpacked data because the objects and the map must be binarized with the same version of binarize.

Hi thanks I will try it
Although most of p3d are custom so oxygen has saved them with latest iteration and still no icon
However will try suggested thanks

Ps. Given the info in your post is vital can we not see such vital info in tech reps going forward please

Unfortunately The suggestion does not work :

Deleted old A3 folder on P: and Renewed with New UNPBO folders from Dev Arma 3 Root

Tried to repack no Icons

Deleted Temp folder and copied necessary Folder structure to Temp \a3 \required folder structures containing p3ds

No Icons

Thanks for trying , it seems there is some info missing from how local setup must be Vs BIS workflow maybe .
Lots of this
2015-05-20 17:17:17,271 [INFO] 8: AddonBuilder.Tasks.ProcessBuildTask.ProcessOnOutputDataReceived -

Replace 8 with 6-12 no info after - thats full report