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I cannot include a file from another folder in my CfgFunctions function file
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I am trying to slowly adopt the CfgFunctions method and I came accross a limitation.

I cannot have a definitions file:
[mission root folder]\definitions\definitions_1.ext

and a CfgFunctions compliant function file:
[mission root folder]\functions\default\fn_myfunc_1.sqf

where fn_myfunc_1.sqf contains:
#include "definitions\definitions_1.ext"

... because Arma will crash.

Is there any way that I can do this without making full copies of the definitions file and keeping the same folder structure?


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Adam added a comment.May 18 2015, 8:05 AM

Hello, could you please try the solution that Waffle has posted above and see if it works? Thank you.

Misunderstood issue. He's requesting more advanced #include preProcessor support for CfgFunction functions. Currently #include will only include a file that can be found within the function's directory. He's requesting the ability to search for files lower in the directory tree.

d3nn16 added a subscriber: d3nn16.May 8 2016, 12:06 PM

I was thinking about something like I am already using:

  • I define functions in some files
  • I include all these files in the init.sqf (with #include)
  • Before the inclusion of function files, I include all definition files (eg the ones containing #define blabla or even other #include)

This way I don't care where the definition file is located since it is included in the init.sqf and all file paths are visible at this level.

So I am asking whether this can be achieved with CfgFunctions.

One example is that I have a list of colors as #define in a file ([root]\colors.ext and I want to use this in [root]\functions\fn_myfunc.sqf and also other scripts that i don't want to place in same folder as fn_myfunc.sqf but sth like [root]\mygreatscript\toto.sqf. At the moment I'm forced to cpy the colors.ext file in [root]\mygreatscript\ and [root]\functions\.

You can create a function to act the same as a #include

I don't see how to do that (please give an example).
Do you mean I should use variables instead of #define? If yes then I will still have to use 2 files colors.ext (with #define, used in dialogs) and color.sqf (with variables used in sqf scripts).
Also my point was to use #define for all variables that are static.

The status of this ticket is incorrect because I already provided more informations