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I feel That Steam Community Mod updates should be Limited to once or twice a Month on a Mod or Game Play Scenario. This Is Mostly a complaint about Breaking Point Mod. This Mod is Constantly Updating 2 or more times a Day and Is Killing My SSD Hard Drive. This Is not Cool. Can We Get the Option in Steam to disable updates Or Choose to update the game and have an update option on the Mods as well. This has Been Really Frustrating. Everyone knows that SSD hard drives have a Limit Write cycle and While I support allot of Mods and This Game, They Are Not Paying For My Hardware. So Please Everyone Up Vote this ticket it a fair request. Especially to this fact that these updates are average of 250 Mbs or more and are happening 2 and up to 6 times a day in a 24 hour period. Yes I know I can Set the option to Update when Game Launches this is not what I want. I want My Arma 3 up to date but If I decide I want to Update my Breaking Point or Other Mods I have Subscribed to I can do so at my discretion and not have it constantly updating as I don’t play this every day and Since this Mod is now only available through Steam It should be limited to once or twice a Month for updates. That team don’t get me wrong they have worked hard and have a decent game when It actually is working correctly, But They Are Not Paying My Hardware Bill.


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XD Offtopic : Thats the reason why i love my 4TB HDD and PlayWithSix! ;)

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There is no such option to disable updates. Please, try contacting the mod author.