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rotor damage during slingloading with CSAT
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When i try to lift objects with The MI-290 Taru, the antitoque suffers critical damage after a few seconds.


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I seconded that.

Go in a taru, slingload a pod (fuel pod for the test) fly and there is a moment your Atrq will be severly damaged.

Or with zeus, direclty spawn a taru and a pod, put the pod under him for slingload without slingloading it, go in the taru put the engine on and almost always the ATRQ will break.

Tested in latest dev build and normal fly mode.

In facts seems that the hitpoint HitVRotor be the problem.

Another problem seems that it cant be damaged by firing on the rotor too...

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Some information would be nice, because you can throw the Taru in the Trash if this does not get fixed...

It has been 5 months since this was reported. Almost 4 months since it was assigned.
This is a Key feature of Paid content. The TARU is a DLC heavy lift helicopter that cannot lift even light items without damaging the helicopter.
I have an issue with this bug having no priority and no apparent care from the Devs.
We paid for this feature and should be able to count on you to make it work in a reasonable amount of time. Or at least to give us some hint you are looking into it.

Please fix this bug immediately !
It's a very old bug and you dont do anything against this.
Please fix it in 1.42

Really needs to be fixed. I can´t even lift the pods which are made for the Taru without breaking the ATRQ.

I cant do sht with this heli, useless piece of metal shit.


I think it is fixed since version 1.40, I recently tried it in 1.42

It's not fixed. Does anybody know that the Xeno Taru Pod Mod fix the problem?

Yep. Xeno Taru Pod Mod fix this problem

yeah cool a mod that doesnt work on all servers

A friend and I tried to lift an ATV with the lift variant of the Taru, and it broke almost immediately. Another time I was able to carry an Ifrit several kilometers and it only broke when I started to slow down to drop it off. Almost lost the Ifrit and the Taru, but managed to get them both on the ground with minimal damage. This is content people paid extra for, and this thing can't perform the operation it was designed for. Lifting is the only reason for this chopper's existence. Can we please get some info as to the status of this bug?

It's nice how people reporting this issues problems are getting closed with reference to this issue which is by all indications dead to the devs. They can even be bothered to give us a post to say ANYTHING about this. I know the marksman system part of the DLC is the new hotness and Tarus are old news. But we did pay money trusting to get what we paid for. I cannot speak for others but this kind of thing discourages me to pre-purchasing any other DLC from BI. I can no longer expect that they will deliver on their promises.

I have a solution for some people.
When you use the advanced flight model there is no ATRQ Bug. I tested it very long and it never broken.

But BI must also fix the easy model!!!