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When I start arma through arma 3 Sync its not starting battleye service
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This is the first time it is happening to me and just after I download the update it occurs : When i start the game through arma 3 sync it is launching the game but when i join a multiplayer server its saying to me that i need to restart arma to enable battleye and it worked but i have to do it everytime i am launching arma . and i say again this first happened to me after this update.


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Open arma 3 sync launch the game and when you join a multiplayer server it is happening.

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All you have to do is start the game once via the normal arma 3 launcher and accept the new Battleeye eula agreement.

It should not be an issue after that.

launching the game one time with the arma3 launcher doesnt fix the problem for me

In arma3sync under launcher options, executable choose

additional parameters type
0 1

Adam added a comment.May 6 2015, 9:14 AM

Hello, please try the solution that PapaReap posted

You can also find more info here:

Thank you.

this solution worked for me thx :)

Worked for me too ;)

I get the following error when trying that solution:

I do use the updated "2 1" instead of the outdated "0 1". Tried the old one as well, to no avail.

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