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Dedicated Server Crashes introduced in 1.42 [PRIMARY TICKET]
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This ticket was created to collect info about dedicated server crashes introduced in 1.42. These crashes happen on modded and also unmodded game.


  1. Look into your rpt folder
  2. Find crashdumps (rpt + bidmp + mdmp with the same name)
  3. Open rpt file
  4. Scroll to the end
  5. End of the rpt file should look like this:

Mods: dlcbundle
Distribution: 0
Version 1.42.130549
Fault time: 2015/04/30 16:27:23
Fault address: 01C6D13A 01:00DDC13A D:\folder\arma3server.exe
file: mission.Altis (__cur_mp)
world: Altis
Prev. code bytes: 0F 82 68 03 00 00 0F BA 25 68 87 F8 01 01 73 07
Fault code bytes: F3 A4 E9 17 03 00 00 81 F9 80 00 00 00 0F 82 CE

EAX:00000004 EBX:00000000
ECX:00000004 EDX:00000004
ESI:00000000 EDI:028EB180
SS:ESP:002B:028EB130 EBP:5EBEA080
DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B



Legacy ID
Have Not Tried
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

If you experience the crash, please upload your crashdumps here (packed in an archive) and try to provide as much information as you can in the comment. Any information can help: OS the server is running on, mods, mission, server up-time, player count and other.

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My server has been crashing randomly on randomly player count since the 1.42 version always with the same reason.

Since the today 1.44 update it already crashed 2 times around the 30~40 player count.

Its running Wasteland and its a rented server, only having this crashs since 1.42.

Logs from 1.42 and 1.44 included.

Own ticket here

Gagi2 added a subscriber: Gagi2.May 8 2016, 12:01 PM

I've had many server crashes since 1.42. 1.44 is on a different level though. I get sometimes 3 crashes a day. I'm adding my crash logs to this tracker.


Im having the same problem, its completely random, sometimes passes a day without a restart and sometimes it restart 2 or more times in a day.

My logs are above i can provide more logs if need because the server keeps crashing.

Btw Gigatek where you server hosted just for curiosity ?

@defused New Jersey with All the servers I manage do this but the most popular ones crash the most.

@Gigatek ok thanks just to know if we where in the same host.

Lets hope someone comes here and check this, its really frustrating for us owners and player the server crash when its full.

thank you for your reports, the crashes are being analysed as they come. It looks like we might have a possible fix very soon and it will be distributed on Perf/prof branches when we do. Watch this comment by Dwarden for update:

@Iceman thank you for your reply.

Im always checking the dev branch changelog, the last 2 pages i already saw that was fixed 2 engine crashs but i dont know if its assigned to our type of crash.

So it will be cool if you can keep us posted or warn us here so we can try.


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Adam added a comment.May 20 2015, 2:01 PM

Hello, please try the follwoing profiling .exe the issue is fixed there. Thank you!

You can find them here:

I just want to report that I haven't got one crash since using profiling v2 Good job guys.

Unfortunately i have my servers on a rented host and i cant try it since they dont give us access to .exe

Sorry cant help testing, i wish i could, this restarts are driving us crazy and killing our server population :\

Ill report back when official update comes out


@defused Try to get your host company to install profiling through steam. It's the same way they install dev or legacy branch. Steam code is CautionSpecialProfilingAndTestingBranchArma3

Profiling always seems to run better anyways. Even with clients that don't have it installed.

@Gigatek i already sent them a ticket requesting that, their response was "clients don't have access to harmful files you have to wait for a official update bla bla bla" unfortunately

EDIT: they finally replied us again, and they will update our server binary manually, ill report back our findings.

Gagi2 added a comment.May 27 2015, 7:04 PM

ok guys... i uploaded the profiling exe and the server runs since "Current time: 2015/05/23 22:42:08" without any crash so far...

so it looks promising...

Running perf v3 till no crashs are gone.

Thank god!

Fixes will be included in official release right ?