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Issues with the new revive system.
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I've noticed a few problems with the recently implemented revive system while playing End Game, such as:

  1. While you are downed you can place down all sorts of mines, claymores, i assume also remote explosives and satchels.

This glitch can be used to kill whoever killed you for example by placing a claymore and blowing it up.

  1. You can cause a double kill by shooting a player quickly after he dies and is about to move into the revive system.

Normally the person would simply go into revive system after he dies and finishing him off would not cause an extra kill or death.

(In my opinion the initial kill should not count unless the enemy player gives up or is finished off. If he is revived a kill should not count.)

  1. If you access your inventory while in the revive system, your loadout will be set to default.
  1. Whenever you get revived all of your magazines get full ammo.
  1. You can open and close doors while in the revive system.


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End Game - Revive
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play End Game with a friend.
  2. Acquire a claymore mine.
  3. Tell your friend to shoot you, place down a claymore with scroll wheel and MMB.
  4. Blow up the claymore mine with mmb.
  1. Shoot your friend in End Game. Once he dies, just keep shooting at him.
Additional Information

Please check the videos for demonstration.
Unfortunately i've seen players abuse both of these glitches actively in the End Game mode in official Bohemia Interactive servers.

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I hope BIS will fix those issue. I like the idea of End Game, but it, personally, needs to be more improved to get people and me to play it.

Btw at the second video? Does the body normally fly into the air?

The body flying is a problem with the new death animations.
I don't believe its related to the revive system.

Adam added a comment.May 6 2015, 2:09 PM

Unfortunately both of these issues cannot be fixed at the moment due to the nature of the Revive system and how it is implemented.

Thank you for your feedback

Can't you code it into the engine?

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If it's not fixed then don't mark the issue as resolved! Keep the ticket open and add it to the (lengthy) known issues list!