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Bullet tracking line is slightly above the actual bullet path
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Bullet tracking is slightly above the actual bullet path. I discovered this when I was messing around in the Virtual Arsenal. {F26193}


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Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to Virtual Arsenal
  2. Select a weapon(Put a bipod on to notice it easily).
  3. Prone and reset the weapon on the ground.
  4. Fire the weapon. Notice the bullet tracking line is slightly above the actual bullet path
Additional Information

Noticed this issue in the Virtual Arsenal

Picture bellow shows the issue.

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Still present in 1.48

Adam added a comment.Sep 30 2015, 12:53 PM

Not a bug

The position at which the line starts is the position of the bullet saved right after "Fired" eventhandler was triggered. Artificially lowering the starting position wouldn't work either because it wouldn't connect properly with the rest of the visualized ballistic curve.