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Provide financial payment for Feedback Tickets
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I am suggesting a price of maybe 1,99$ per ticket.
Depending on the lettercount a bit more.

I have very recently stumbeled upon one of your ex employees interviews concerning the new payment model for mods on steam.

So I had that great idea using Capitalism.

You appear to have become quite supportive of that Model.

According to that System, every Modder should be able to link a Price to their Mod, of which the Basegame Developer (this would be BIS in our case, I guess) were entitled to 75% of the transaction.

We all know Capitalism is the future of gaming and it renders those pityful socialist threads completely unnessecary

To keep the feedback tracker a modern Portal, that goes with the trend of Capitalism, it would be a great step to pay us for our work.

Let me put it this way:
If you want professional feedback, which is what this is, then people cannot apply emotional arguments – they need to apply business arguments.


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  1. make something.
  2. let others improve it.
  3. grab their income.
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I am absolutely supportive of alternative "emotional arguments" and would embrace a payment in form of free update support, and social business models instead of the before mentioned 1,99$

But only if we keep it at emotional arguments on all sides.

Dean Hall is using examples, that would translate to: "If I made a Mission and sold it with the entire Arma 3 Game, you should have a 75% cut of my income" I would be ok with that, but only if you did not need to buy Arma 3 in order play the mod.

If you for any reason can not come up with a System, that let's our money reach the actual modders, can you please remove my name from the supporter credits? That would be quite an embarracing situation for me, thank you.

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nice written ;-) but pls... let the shitstorm stay on skyrim.

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Indeed nicely written but the fact that a company actually pays attention for sooo many years to its customers AND delivers, it is a payment itself.
This is a simulation and as such the profit margin is very small.
I am just grateful that Bohemia continued on the original Flashpoint, shining with every version :)

@KDN I don't understand whether you agree with me or not.

I clearly said, that I would embrace "payment" in form of free update support and social buissiness models.

But with the new steam Mod business BI appears to basically sell Arma mods and will barely give anything to the actual modder, BIS has changed their way. It would be all about money and therefor they should feel what that means.

KDN added a comment.Apr 26 2015, 5:00 PM

The difference of opinion only related to: "Provide financial payment for Feedback Tickets" on Original Bohemia content.

I don't think Bohemia is Stupid enough to go after Paid mods after the crapstorm that happened with Skyrim.

valve is already walking backwards on this new approach.

Steamworks marketplace has been removed from the front page, valve employees are suggesting it was a mistake, and Gabe felt the fury of the pc community last night.

Valve will probably scrap this whole venture soon if not they are idiots and will suffer financially in the long term.

This ticket is actually just a STATEMENT, about the paid mods policy. Don't take it seriously, it is

  • SARCASM! ****

The sentence "If you want professional feedback, which is what this is, then people cannot apply emotional arguments – they need to apply business arguments." is actually a slightly modified quote from Dean Hall in the linked interview.

yes, I'd love to see that, but at the end, it was not the initial idea, that is flawed, but the implementation.
I think it is a good idea to make players aware of the fact that some mods need financial support, but there are much better ways to do so.
Beside a simple donation button, there is also the option I presented here #0023916

However I got the strange feeling, that most people actually don't know, what we are talking about :(

@ Anyone who downvotes this ticket, because they think I'm literally asking for money
WTF? It's about showing BI what capitalism feels like, so that they don't fall in that trap and loose the supporter community.

The idea and the implementation are both flawed.

Throwing money into what has long been a free venture only leads to problems.

Modding being free has for the most part lead to collaborative ventures and free sharing and co operation amongst the community.

Add money into this and you throw a wrench into it all and you have the skyrim situation.

where dependencies are broken, people are stealing content from each other left and right in order to make a few pennies.

With "initial idea" I mean that some mods deserve/require some financial support. This was usually done by voluntary donations and has always been an option.

Maybe you didn't notice, but a lot of modders asked for money for years already. That is nothing new. Just the fact, that they could now start to force fellow players to pay in order for them to use the mod. The Paywall is the new Problem, not the money.
The even bigger problem is of course, that the money doesn't even reach the modder, but stays with steam and the gamedev

Do you also oppose the donation button?

KDN added a comment.Apr 26 2015, 10:19 PM

I failed to see the sarcasm. My apologies :(

No the donation option would be perfect.

It would remove any competition between modders and eliminate issues with dependencies. Currently due to the new workshop modders within the skyrim community are at each others throat.