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Virtual Arsenal AI's don't Copy Uniform stats.
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When testing VA, armor on Uniform's the AI dose not copy the player's current Uniform, thus not fully being able to test armor differences with Uniforms


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Make AI in VA to copy stats of player Uniform, for best results.
They seem to have higher armor rate then the average Uniforms.

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This is working as intended and not an issue.

Thank you for your feedback.

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Can you explain why this is working as intended? It seems completely counter-intuitive to the virtual arsenal for it to be this way. A big part of the virtual arsenal is being able to test out weapons against certain uniforms and vests etc. The AIs not getting uniforms makes this not possible, and I see no upsides with it being this way.

Uniforms have if im right no armor at all. So there is no need for them and the VA is also there to see the damage seen by orange or red colors of the body parts.

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Uniforms do offer armor. Especially the CSAT uniforms offer increased limb protection to offset their vest which doesn't offer protection.

True. Then there is the question if the uniforms are maybe invisible?