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Crashing when attempting to save a game [SP]
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Savegame issue from Whole Lotta Map / Whole Lotta Altis (0-0-0) (and normal save game via esc-ingame menu)

I can save the game right after the game has been loaded.
I can also set auto save to 15 minutes and it successfully saves the 1-2 times (2nd time takes very long though, about 20 seconds to save).
Then it just fails to save. The game attempts to save, environment sound still plays normal, but after around 15 seconds the sound is freezing and 5 seconds later the game crashes.
3 different crash reports (each with those dmp files) attached.
It crashes with the error window "ArmA3.exe doesn't work anymore". {F26132}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  • play WLA mission


after taking almost the whole island (might take some hours), save game issues start to become worse.
Saves taking longer until to the point when the save game crash issue start to appear.
Saving the game from a fresh load works just fine, but when playing around 30 minutes from that loaded game and attempt to save, the crash will occur.

Additional Information

If possible, it would be helpful to narrow down what exactly is causing the crashes so that the mission developer SaOk has it easier to publish a hotfix/bugfix for it (if the issue is something fixable within the mission rather than the core game in general). Maybe some AddOn is causing the issues and it might need to be fixed on that address then.

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You are using custom mods that might be conflicting with your game and cause these issues. Please try and reproduce this issue on unmodded version of the game and attach the fresh crash dumps here.

Thank you.

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Couldn't reproduce it without mods.
Is there anything helpful in the already provided crash reports that I attached, to narrow down the cause?

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