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Animation for shouldering of rifle
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It's currently not possible to see if an enemy is actively aiming a weapon at you or simply "hip-pointing" it in your general direction.

Along with getting my ex gf back (at least for a while), this is something I have always wanted.


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However, there was never such thing as "aiming from the hip" in Arma. Never. All weapons are either shouldered or lowered.

When you aim down sights in Arma, think of it as just moving your head a tiny bit to align your eye with the sights. I don't believe having a small animation for this will tell other players information that is vital for gameplay.

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I prefer not to wait, until the enemy is pointing or aiming the weapon at me. I know, it is a small detail, but I don't think, it is really necessary.

From my personal experience (on the shooting range), you won't carry a weapon like Rambo (hip holding). If you decide to shoot, you will shoulder your weapon and just point in the direction. Aiming is just a little movement of your head and shoulder to align the iron sights (or optics).

If you want it hyper realistic, your weapon won't be in the middle of your eye sights like in the game (because of your nose). It would be on the right or the left side of the screen. We know, the human field of view is 150-180 degrees, but the game gives us nearly the half (as long as you don't tweak the fov).

I still will give an upvote.

Small as it is, it is such details which turn something from being good to being great.