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reverse damage on static object are bugged for JIP
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when u setdamage 0 on a "destruct" static obj (damage = 1), jip player dont see the right simulation for this obj (look like damage 1, but damage = 0).


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Steps To Reproduce

break a "static object" (map object).
setdamage 0 to this obj. (look at script on additional info)
disconnect/go to lobby

obj look break but damage = 0. (look at script on additional info)

Additional Information

script for setdamage 0 on damaged static obj / and count damaged obj:

_l = [];
_near = nearestObjects [player, [], 50];

if ((damage _x) > 0) then {
   if!(_x isKindOf "Man" OR _x isKindOf "Car" OR _x isKindOf "Ship" OR _x isKindOf "Air") then {
      _l pushback _x;
      _x setdamage 0;

} forEach _near;
hint format["%1", count _l];

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after JIP, set damage to 1 (no visual effect), then back to 0 make the obj look "alive".

I have take a look on BIS fnc, but i dont find any array of damaged objs for MP JIP.

@Adam please dont forget this please, if we can revert damage, we can lower JIP network usage and reduce server reboot delay and up server perf !!

and perhaps add a feature on engine for reset terrain object after X min/when no player are nearby (no player in X m around).