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You should not be able to aim towards the sky if you lay down on the ground
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Hi guys,

please take your time and read until the end.

I know, for some of you, there is a heated debate, if the deployment of a weapon makes sense, if your player already lays down on a flat surface (#0023652 and #0023567).

From my point of view, it makes sense to deploy the rifle (with or without bipods).

But there is another point, that really bothers me:

If your player lays down on the ground and holds a rifle in his hands, you are able to aim and shoot towards the sky (nearly 80 degrees).

That is ridiculus and physically not possible, because you need an extreme trained hollow back and all of the rifles are too heavy for such an action. Don't forget about the vests and backpacks, most of the soldiers wear. Take a look at the pictures.

My suggestion is, that you should only be able to aim and shoot in a limited way, if your player lays on the ground. If you try to shoot higher, you have to change your stance to the sitting or kneeling position.

All the other actions like crawling, turning or rolling (evading) should not be influenced.

Maybe it should look like this:

  1. running around and go prone
  2. now you are only able to watch the area, crawl, turn and roll around
  3. if you want to aim and shoot, you have to press the deployment key (C by default) or optics key (right mouse button by default)

I just want to know, what you guys think about my suggestion. {F26075} {F26076} {F26077}


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In my job, I often practive my shooting skills on a shooting range with a Walther P99 and H&K MP5. I am not able to lift my body and then aim and shoot with the rifle (as you can see on the pictures).

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Yeah this should be get rid of because we have advanced stance system that has the sitting stance

or is it like that due to the lack of a lie on your back stance?

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@Tac tiger

That went through my mind too. But I can tell you, that it is pretty tricky to hold and shoot a sniper rifle or a LMG (even a lighter weapon like an MP5), if you lay on your back. If you want to hit something, that is not straight above your head, you will fail too (because of the weight and angle).

We have the stance system. Like in the fatigue system, the player has to plan his next moves and equipment wisely: Do he wants to hit something higher up, but he wants to stay covered? He has to change to the sitting stance because of the physical restrictions. Are there enemies around and he will be seen while doing so? He has to stay low and cancel his action.

But that is only my point of view and a suggestion for a maybe more tactical and realistic gameplay.

+ 1 This problem occurs not only on a horizontal plane.
Very often the AI uses is not realistic rotated position on the hillside(see new screen).
This should be fixed on the plane and also on the all hillsides.